Oren Robinson is a classically trained vocalist who has a folkie soul. His main instrument is guitar, but occasionally he’ll pull an odd one out of his collection for the fun of it. Oren has opened for artists such as The Mad Tea Party and Tree by Leaf. He has been the musical director of the Early Evening Show in Buckfield, ME since 2002. Oren is currently the K-8 music teacher at Palermo and Windsor Elementary schools. In his spare time he repairs small instruments for his educational programs, keeps the wood box filled, and cares for April’s sheep.

April Reed-Cox has been playing cello for over a quarter century. Her primary genre has been classical, and she holds a Masters degree in Music Performance. She has performed and competed throughout the country, and currently performs with the Bangor Symphony and Maine ProMusica. Since moving to Maine in 2009 she has expanded her skill set, and has recorded and toured with several Maine Folk Artists including Putnam Smith, Ashley Storrow, Jud Caswell, Heather Hardy and many more. She teaches private lessons at Bay Chamber Community Music School and Woodsound Studio. She is also an avid hand-spinner, and keeps a small flock of sheep at her home. For more info, please visit Twisted Maple Farm.

Brian Dunn is the group’s mandolin player. Though he plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and possibly many more instruments, he insists on playing the one that is never in tune! He describes himself as a reformed shanty singer, though the process is obviously incomplete. Brian is a mandolin maker in his spare time, and regularly performs on instruments that he has created. Most recently he has built a fully functional Mandola, which will be Brian is the epitome of the unhindered spirit, and it shows in his playing, in his jokes and the amount of time and money he dumps into his sailboat.

The Ale House String Band (AHSB) was originally formed as a pick-up group in 2009 at The Narrows Tavern in Waldoboro, ME. They codified their style, "chamber folk," while playing traditional tunes and covers of popular folk music. Their style is unique, melding the theory and techniques of classical music with Traditional Folk styles. Oren is a classically trained vocalist, Brian is a wandering soul who picked up music along the way, and April has a Masters degree in Music Performance. The three have an uncanny ability to improvise music on the spot and occasionally offend random Baptists.

In 2013 they released their debut album of traditional songs, "Affairs of Common Living," and they will be releasing their new album in June, 2017. They perform anywhere within a days ride, and can be found happily picking, plucking, bowing, strumming, and singing away in a plethora of venues. They have recently performed for "207" on WCHS 6, Rock City Cafe in Rockland Maine, King Eiders Pub in Damariscotta Maine, Johnson Hall in Gardiner Maine, and at various coffee houses and listening rooms throughout the state of Maine.